Are chaos, clutter and change consuming your life? We serve San Francisco seniors, their adult children and others in three areas: Downsizing/Rightsizing, Moving, and Estate Closure. Whether your needs are long or short-term, we can help.


Step by Step Downsizing can bring structure, fresh insight, energy and experience to a home downsizing/rightsizing project. Step by Step takes on projects lasting from a few hours to periodic efforts that span a year or more.

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Regardless of age, moving can be an extremely stressful time in one’s life. Moving is an undertaking where outside help can make a huge difference in how efficiently and quickly this undertaking is accomplished.

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Estate Closure

When there has been a death, family members not only contend with the emotional impact, but often need to close down a home. Sometimes the undertaking can be overwhelming for the executor/ family member with this responsibility.

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