Estate Closure

When there has been a death, family members not only contend with the emotional impact, but quite often need to close down a home.  Sometimes, the undertaking can be overwhelming for the executor or family member charged with this responsibility.  Sometimes too, the relatives live outside of the deceased’s city and have multiple obligations.

Step by Step Downsizing can help in this difficult time by:

  • Creation of an inventory list along with digital photographs.
  • Securing appraisals for art, rare books, and coins, etc.
  • Distribution of possessions through sale, gifting, or donation per the family’s and/or executor’s wishes.
  • Shipment of possessions per family’s and/or executor’s wishes.
  • Organizing of papers and documents (hard copies) for transfer to family and or attorney.
  • Arranging for hazardous waste removal and medicine disposal in a proper way.
  • Coordinating movers, painters, cleaners, and other vendors for residence closeout.
  • Referral to real estate agents.