It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Claudia Kraehe, owner of Step by Step Downsizing.

As with many of us she found her passion after working in the corporate world for many years.

Claudia was cleaning out a family member’s home when she realized there must be a lot of us over 60 who need help cleaning out all the “stuff” we had collected over many years. She came up with the idea of Step by Step Downsizing. Not only does it convey what she does, it also indicates that she will not come into your home and take everything out.

Claudia has been working with me and my partner of 43 years to begin to downsize. She let us decide how fast we wanted to downsize. We chose to do a room at a time, so Claudia comes once a month and organizes for us.

It should be stated that Claudia does not just help clear the many pieces that need removing, she bags everything up and takes them with her when she leaves.

That tells you what Claudia does. But who is Claudia?

Claudia is a very patient and loving person. She cares about people and their feelings. She keeps the confidences of her clients. She never seems to be upset. On the contrary when she enters your home, she is very calm which puts the client at ease.

Richard and I would recommend Step by Step Downsizing to anyone who needs to rid themselves of the things they no longer need.

One does not need to wait until they are moving to downsize.

We are downsizing just to have a more livable home.

Jim D. & Richard J.,
San Francisco

Moving from the large house I had occupied for over 40 years seemed impossibly difficult. With Claudia Kraehe's help I was able to prepare my house for sale. What I thought was going to be a miserable experience turned out to be fascinating. Claudia is an expert in planning workloads and the best places to sell personal and household items. I would get depressed by the work but her cheerfulness and kindness would restore my hold on reality.

A highlight of her help was her knowledge of places to sell and donate items. I had been an English teacher for 50 years and had an enormous collection of books. Claudia took them to places she knew were likely to want them. Others I was able to donate, and I got letters from several librarians thanking me for my donation of what turned out to be rare books and documents.

I am so grateful for Claudia's expertise and guidance. I recommend her highly.

Ellen W.,
San Francisco

Claudia Kraehe worked with me to begin the downsizing efforts in my home of 38 years. It is a monumental task to reduce the amazing amount of “stuff” we have managed to collect over the years. Claudia helped me to identify and give away many bags of clothing. We identified those items we thought might sell, and Claudia took them to places she knew might be interested in selling them. She left those the second hand stores were interested in and followed up with the stores later to see what had happened. We also identified many items to give away. Some went to Good Will, and some went to the ACT Costume Shop. She also helped me to get rid of some items of furniture, and found a museum that is interested in my antique treadle sewing machine. Claudia’s assistance was invaluable. I plan to invite her back to help me with my next project. I couldn’t have done this job without her.

Claudia worked without judgment. She made me very comfortable about the task. Until we actually did this work, I was too embarrassed to start. With Claudia’s help, I could begin a task I had been avoiding for far too long. We actually had fun working through the project together. I highly recommend Claudia Kraehe.

Wendy P.,
San Francisco

Claudia is exactly the kind of person you want assisting you with a major move or organizational need. I hired her to help me get my very messy daughter and her very messy room ready for college. While they were working, I went to my own storage area, completely overwhelmed with the task. By the end of the afternoon, not only were my daughter’s things in four simple sections: boxed to keep, boxed to donate, boxed to throw out, and left on the shelf to use before her departure, but Claudia’s support of me and my work meant I had also made four very similar sections. She then proceeded to label boxes, cart out things for donation, help me with the trash, all with a smile on her face. She is low stress but very gently kept us working for hours. I couldn’t recommend her more.
Lori S.,
San Francisco

Claudia Kraehe is an excellent “Senior Move Manager.” When inundated with my mother-in-law’s “things” in the basement, Claudia helped clean up, catalogue, box, and shelve many items. Always punctual, Claudia was cheerful, helpful, resourceful, and from personal experience very knowledgeable. There were many hurdles to face after my husband died and employing her services was a great comfort. She assisted with the obituary, planning the memorial. She helped me go through Jim’s huge slide collection, organizing it in preparation for a collage of his life. She also organized, labeled his books, magazines, DVDs, etc. and created computer lists for giving or donating. She recommended resources for the recycling and donation of Jim’s effects.

Because Claudia is an intelligent, courageous woman, she offered to navigate bureaucratic waters, which saved me from “losing my mind.”

And she was an excellent researcher, investigating my options to recommend the best course of action – for example, she led me to an honest and affordable exterminating company.

You can have confidence in hiring her based on her helping me through a difficult time.

Grace S.,
San Francisco

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